2017 – april – novus art gallery – abu dhabi


Grand opening of Novus Art Gallery  

April 2017

“A journey of million million miles begins with first step”


Novus art gallery

Ahmad Moualla, Hanaa Mallalah, Hunt Slonem, Jason Young, Marco Angelini, Robert Weber, Richard Orlinski, Saschia Bovini, Zhuang Hong Yi

325 - 2015 - untitled - cm 90 x 90 - mixed media on canvas - photo Carolina Farina


Inspired by a version of famous Lao Tzu’s quote, Novus Art Gallery’s first show features some of the most iconic pieces created by gallery’s main represented artists. All works are carefully selected to narrate a comprehensive story, while providing unique visual and aesthetic impact.

Featuring strong and memorable, yet fresh and easily recognizable traits, the exhibition strives to make an imprint in audiences’ minds – its impact resembling the one of color vermilion. Widely used in the art and decoration of Ancient Rome, in the paintings of the Renaissance and in art and lacquerware of China, the color vermilion is representative of a brilliant, yet daring and unforgettable hue: much like the gallery’s first collective show.